Why choose Liquid Force Kiteboarding?
You are important to us.

Every single customer matters to us.

It is with this mindset that we are able to provide outstanding customer service to anyone who owns Liquid Force Kiteboarding equipment. We are always available to chat about your latest session, offer tips on your gear, assist with a problem you might be having or offer some guidance on a destination you are thinking about checking out. When you purchase Liquid Force Kiteboarding equipment, you become part of our unique kiteboarding family.

We like to use the expression, “We are gaining friends, not customers”.

We are a brand for kiteboarders, by kiteboarders.
Photo of Brandon Schied, head of R&D and Marketing.

While many of us had the opportunity to pursue careers outside of this sport, we all felt compelled to center our lives around kiteboarding. Each one of us has a unique journey that lead us to this brand and we are always happy to share our story with anyone. What does that mean for you? We believe that because we are extremely passionate kiteboarders, we understand the true demands of kiteboarding equipment. We have our fingers on the pulse, we know the trends, and we know what works and what doesn’t work in real world applications. When you have a question, you can rest assured that the question is being answered by someone who has many years of experience in the kiteboarding world.

Every one of us at Liquid Force Kiteboarding is a kiteboarder.
We are all just as stoked about this sport as you are.

We bring our stoke and real world experience to every kiteboarding product we design.

We are progressive in our durable designs.

Starting with the first kiteboarding twin tip and extending all the way to the first affordable hydrofoil, Liquid Force Kiteboarding has always lead the pack with new product development. We pride ourselves on being incredibly open minded. If we think another brand has something cool, we will be the first to try it out. We aren't afraid to take risks when we believe in something. Our ethos in product development is, "How does this enhance your kiteboarding experience?". Whether that something that makes kiteboarding easier or a new technology that makes your product last longer, we are always looking for the next best thing. If you choose us, you can rest assured that you are with a brand that is at the forefront of kiteboarding trends.

You will have a product that is built to last and is at the forefront of kiteboarding technology.

We back every product by our phenomenal warranty program, which is second to none.

We are honest and transparent.

We are honest and transparent.

We find that we sleep way easier at night by always being up front and honest with our customers. We won’t try to confuse you with technological jargon that doesn’t make sense or try to convince you something is new or different when in fact it isn’t. If we think we messed up, we will be the first people to let you know. If you have a question about why we designed something a certain way, we will be happy to explain it to you. It is under this methodology that we continue to improve year after year and retain the trust of our ever growing customer base. Afterall, how can you be part of a family if you don’t trust them? .

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