I’ll tell you who he is!  Rodger has got to be one of the most stoked and wind hungry kiteboarders on the planet. Dedicated from tip to toe!  He can be found searching out wind on any given day in Southern California, and he is always the first one to find it! Roger is the guy you would call to get a quick update from the wind conditions at the beach. Plus Roger has some skill with a kite in the air and board under his feet.

Here are a few shots of Roger getting loose at his local spot, Cardiff Reef.

100% jazzed and happy kiting anything all the time! Rodger is also “that guy” that will gladly always lend a hand…and he will lend you a kite!  Feel free if you see him on the beach to ask him to try an LF kite!!  Normally he will have an extra one to put in your hand for ride!  We are stoked to have Rodger riding LF!

Posted by Little Petter