by Nils Knoop

September 4th, 2010

UK Team Rider Oli Sweeney wins BKSA Hunstanton

LF UK Team Rider Oli Sweeney participated in the first UK Pro Tour event of the season at Hunstanton and finished 1st. Oli beat a lot of the pro international riders to reach the final and then easily took the win.

Here is what happened at Hunstanton, go ahead Oli!

What a sweet event! Perfect 9m wind and pretty flat water at points!

So I rocked up at Hunstanton thursday eve and catched up on some sleep ready for the event on friday. We woke up to scortching hot weather and not a breathe of wind – which was the theme of the day. There was plenty to watch though as there was a huge skate setup so checked that out and then spent the rest of the day waiting for the wind.
Sunday morning we woke up to around 30knots. By the time the comp started it was around 25 – so perfect for my 9m hifi comp.

My first heat was not too bad, I landed all my simple stuff like kiteloop passes, shifty 3′s, NIS, slims, mobes, kgbs etc. I won that heat and went straight through to the semis where I had a shocker and probably crashed out on nearly every trick as I couldn’t keep my cool to well. Due to this I had to go through several more knock out heats to progress to the final, which I did!

So in the final, I just kept my cool and went for some really low powered passes and landed most of them. Towards the end I added some simple passes but tweaked with a few grabs. Didn’t go for any big stuff as if I messed up on them it would be the end of the heat for me!

So I’ve been competing since 2005 and it’s the only event I haven’t broken anything or had the right size gear which was nice and obviously worked out well!  I took the win beating North rider Ned Taylor and Flexifoil pro Lewis Wilby.

I’m so happy with my first win in the pros and look forward to the next few events with the new kit!

Cheers Oli

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