Name: Robert Lefort Cullen Jr.

Alias: “Corky”

DOB: 3-20-71

Stomping Grounds:
Santa Barbara, CA

Liquid Force, Body Glove and Legend Eyewear

Board Setup:
Liquid Force Lithium 145 With 1.2” Cup side-fins

Favorite kite:
Liquid Force Tension in every size with a 50cm fixed carbon Liquid Force production bar.

Favorite Bindings:
Posi Suction

How long have you been Kiteboarding?
4 years

What inspired you to start kiteboarding?
Watching Lou and Elliot.

When you kiteboard, where do you do it and who with?
I like to ride at c-street in Ventura, which is close to my home. I like to ride with my friends.

What new tricks do you have under your sleeve that the media hasn’t seen?
Right now I’m trying to loop my kite while jumping and I’m always trying to progress my wave riding.

What do you do with your time when your not kiteboarding?
Surfing or spending time with friends.

Where is the coolest place that the sport of kiteboarding has allowed you to travel?
It’s difficult to pick one place because I have enjoyed everywhere I have traveled.

Where are you planning to travel this year?
Puerto Rico is at the top of my list right now, but I also have other trips in the works. Definitely no contests except for Waddell Creek.

What does your perfect day consist of?
Good friends, cold beer, Tenacious D, and uncrowded surf (Baja).

What does your perfect meal consist of?
Sushi with lots of sake.

In your opinion, who is the best kiteboarder and why?
Lou Wainman.

Who is the most creative?
Too much thought required for an answer.

Which riders actually get you stoked on the sport?
People who come up to me stoked because they just had a killer session.

Which athletes, non-kiteboarding, have inspired you and why?
Tom Curren for his powerful carving surfing style and Bruce Irons for his aerials.

What type of music do you listen to?
Everything but country

What are your favorite bands?
NOFX, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Tenacious D, Social Distortion, Led Zeppelin, and System of a down. Too many to really choose,

Last book you read?
Kama Sutra: “Art of masturbation” I just looked at the pictures.

Last movie you saw?

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