Mark DeMeester

Mad Dog


Stomping Grounds:
Oahu & Maui

Liquid Force & Mama's Fish House, Maui

Board Setup:
141 or 151 production pickle fork

Favorite Kite:
9.5 Flight Kite

Favorite Bindings:
LF Ultra Suctions

How long have you been kiteboarding?
Since September of 99

What inspired you to start kiteboarding?
I saw some guys in Kailua kiting, and it looked like a blast.

When you kiteboard, where do you do it, and with who?
On Oahu, I kite Mokes with Top Hat and bruddah Zack. Here on Maui I like to kite anywhere that's not to crowded!

What new tricks do you have under your sleeve that the media hasn't seen yet?
Not much, maybe a backside 3.

What do you do with your time when you're not kiteboarding?

I work.

What's the coolest place that the sport of kiteboarding has allowed you to travel to?


Where are you planning to travel this year?
I don't know yet.

What's your perfect day consist of?
Steady wind, flat, warm water, small waves, and a few friends.

What does your perfect meal consist of?


In your opinion, who is the best kiteboarder, and why?
I don't think that way.

Who is the most creative?
I don't know.

Which riders actually get you stoked on the sport?
When I started kiteing Robby and Lou got me stoked, but now it's cool to see beginners having a good time.

What athletes, non-kiteboarding, have inspired you, and why?
Steve Caballero, because he is the man!

What type of music do you listen to?

Reggae, hip hop, and some jaz and blues.

Who are your favorite bands?
That is a dumb ?.

Last book you read?
Goblet of Fire.

Last movie you saw?
Lord of the Rings.


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