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Sleezy is the man with the style.  Fluid and unique, Jason Slezak can teach you a thing or two about Kiteboarding.  One of the senior members of the LF team and a full time Kiteboarding coach for Real Kiteboarding, Jason can throw wake style and land blind with power and grace.  Look for him all over or find him at his home grounds in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Name: Jason Slezak

Age: 28

Years kiteboarding: 7 years

Local spot: Cape Hatteras, NC

Favorite part of kiteboarding: Being able to tow into waves without a jetski!

Favorite movie: Currently . . . Kung Fu Hustle. You have to see it, even if you do not like kung fu movies (I don’t!)

Favorite 80's movie: The classic "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (1982)

Favorite glory rock song: What the hell is glory rock?!?! The first song that comes to mind is AC/DC "Dirty Deeds". But, I would have to say that I was more Hair Metal, Motley Crue all the way!

Favorite things do to other than kiteboarding: Surf, and snowboard

Favorite toys when you were 10 years old: I got my first snowboard when I was 10. That first snowboard, and all of the ones that followed, became my favorite toys for the next 11 years until I started kiteboarding!

LF Gear you ride:
Boards: Mission 138 & Mission 144
Kites: Assault; 16, 12, 9, & 6m.
Havoc; 12, 10, & 8m.
Mig; 16, 12, & 9m

Favorite Episode of Seinfeld: I think that it is a toss up between any "Soup Natzi" episode,"...no soup for you!" or the episode when Kramer's home phone number became mixed up with the movie listing hotline.

Did you ever ride a picklefork: Oh yea, I was pickle fork all the way in the begining. Jimmy Lewis custom 142, super narrow stance super sharp rails! I actually still have that board!

In the movie of your life, who would play you: Me!

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