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One of the younger rippers on the LF team, Denver Coon has the flair and style of pure wake to his ridding.  Solid 3’s, sick 5’s and stuck 7’s are Denver’s moves of choice.  He is constant in his progression and always stays powered with no dangle.  He can be seen on three different coasts in the Hawaii’an islands.  His spots of choice are Kailua Oahu, Kite beach Maui, or Shipwrecks Lanai’i.

Name: Denver Saxton Coon

Age: 20

Years kiteboarding: 6 years

Local spot: Kitebeach, Maui, Kailua Bay, Oahu, HI.

Favorite part of kiteboarding: The feeling you get from landing a trick for the first time and the sick sessions kiting with your friends.

Favorite movie: The Matrix or anything with Keira Knightley

Favorite 80's movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

Favorite glory rock song: "We Rock" by Dio

Favorite things do to other than kiteboarding: Golf, surf, Wakeboard behind a 55ft boat, work out, go to the beach and tell girls I am a pro surfer instead of a pro kiteboarder...works much better.

Favorite toys when you were 10 years old: Legos and my Sega Genesis...Toe Jam and Earl, you're my best friends.

LF Gear you ride: 128cm Element, Union bindings, M-80's, Assaults

Favorite Episode of Seinfeld: Too hard to choose, they are all great.

Did you ever ride a picklefork: Oh yeah, a 136cm bright red Jimmy Lewis and a 136cm Empire board...now my favorite bench.

In the movie of your life, who would play you: Myself...I think...this question hurts my head.

Latest News:

Just Chillin
Hanging here in Hawaii going to UH. Had some sick sessions up on the north shore this last weekend. Waves were a solid 8 to 10, great times going down the line on my surfboard and my 9.0 M-80. Then my friend Bobby Bosch and I hit up a late session in Kailua on monday. Got out on the water at 5:30pm and kited till dark. Had the S-bend of my life on the new Havoc...so big...kite so low...stomped...never been so scared and excited at the same time. Wind should be picking up this weekend...hopefully get some new shots to share with everyone. Peace - DC
Posted on 05 Oct 2006 by denverc
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