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Like a pinball across the country Davey Blair is on a mission to ride and keep the stoke.  In his first year with LF he has come up as a rider who represents.  Ask Davey what he thinks and you will always get an excited answer.  Mobes and glides is what Davey likes to through down.  He is always working hard on the water and in the bars. 

Name: Davey Blair

Age: 22

Years kiteboarding: 4 years

Local spot: Chucktown, SC., Backyards, HI.

Favorite part of kiteboarding: Freinds I met along the way.

Favorite movie: Be Cool

Favorite 80's movie: Gleaming the Cube (1989)

Favorite glory rock song: Whitesnake's

Favorite things do to other than kiteboarding: surf, skate

Favorite toys when you were 10 years old: skateboard, surfboard

LF Gear you ride: Menace 10m Assault 12m, Union bindings and mega super pimp white harness.

Favorite Episode of Seinfeld: Who's Seinfield ?

Did you ever ride a picklefork: What pick my nose?, yes

In the movie of your life, who would play you: Dirk Diggler

Latest News:

north shore
just got back to the north shore. Sleezy, moe, corks, romais, da coon,jullian and j bizzle are all incount to make the 07 product catolog. The wind is up and we lucked out with like a 2 foot N swell. This has made for some pretty sick kickers. The boys have been charging it hard for the past few days.

Im so stoked on all the new product. the unions are back in style wit the black bass plate and white top. the new kite and board graphics compliment the teams pure wake style. all us here in the LF family are stoked and cant wait for all ya'll to see it. We got a sick forcast and a whole line up of shots to get so,, check it!!!
Posted on 25 Jul 2006 by daveyb
chucktown throw down
yea boys and girls summer time is in full effect and the south is hot as ever. chucktown is full of fun water activites like wakeboarding, kiteboarding, and little surf. Not to mention the crazyest partys ever.

Ive been working closely with the air company doing many LF workshops. mainly showing many of the new chucktown riders how to ride unhooked and style out some grabs.

Being home is always the shiznet, Hanging with the chucktown boys there is never a dull moment. I am heading back to the norths shore, oahu for one week tomarrow. here we go agin trying to push kiteing the way it should be.
check back for there a costa tripp coming up. pura vida guys and keep pimpen.
Posted on 21 Jul 2006 by daveyb
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