NAME: Brian Hicks
DATE OF BIRTH: July 2, 1986
STOMPING GROUNDS: Wrightsville Beach, NC
SPONSORS: Liquid Force
FAVORITE KITE: Flight Kite 7.5
How long have you been kiteboarding? May 2001
What inspired you to start kiteboarding? I windsurfed for several years and wakeboarded for a year, so I saw kiteboarding as the next step.
When you kiteboard, where do you do it, and with who? I kite in the ocean about 5min away from my house. My brother and I have to share equipment, so I'm almost always out there with him. If not, I ride with my dad, and also with some local riders.
What do you do with your time when you're not kiteboarding? Windsurf, wakeboard, and surf
What's the coolest place that the sport of kiteboarding has allowed you to travel to? No where yet…
Where are you planning to travel this year? Cape Hatteras
What's your perfect day consist of? Wind, waves, and a whole lot of sunshine
What does your perfect meal consist of? Bread
In your opinion, who is the best kiteboarder, and why? Lou Wainman, the tricks he throws are way harder and more technical than anyone else.
Who is the most creative? Lou Wainman and Mauricio
Which riders actually get you stoked on the sport? My brother, Lou Wainman, and riders who invent new tricks in the sport
What athletes, non-kiteboarding, have inspired you, and why? Bob Burnquist with his ability to skate switch, and all of my friends that wakeboard and surf
What type of music do you listen to? Anything that's good, but mainly Punk
Who are your favorite bands? NOFX, Dillinger Four, Millencolin, and Pennywise
Last book you read? All Quiet on the Western Front (for school)
Last movie you saw? Evolution