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Bio / Interview

Why Kiteboarding?

Because its merges various board sports to one thing and similar to other board sports its driven by a free minded spirit.

Why Liquid Force?

Because I was stoked about their gear the first time I tried it and I think the philosophy behind Liquid Force is one of a
kind in the industry!

What LF Gear are you riding for 08? Kites/sizes, boards, straps/bindings, etc?

Im riding the Hi-Fi 7, 9 and 12, Comp Straps for freestyle and Unions for pure wakestyle, all on the 136 Recoil.

Where did you come from? (something besides what's on your webpage..)

My father first put me on a skateboard as a baby, so till age 12 I grew up skateboarding and snowboarding as much as I could, but then we moved away from Munich (Germany) to Spain where at the time there were almost no possibilities to skateboard and instead of mountains I had to use the ocean as my playground. When I discovered kiteboarding in 2002 I had a trial motorbike that I sold to buy my first kite and board. I kept skateboarding and didn't touch the kite until 2003, but when I started to ride upwind and do my first jumps I was instantly addicted to the sport.

Where are you going? (goals, travel, etc)

My Nr.1 goal is to show more powered and unique riding in competition and videos and like this contribute to the evolution of the sport. If the judges value my style of riding I will be happy to receive some prize money, hehe. Apart, I still want to travel to too many places for a lifetime, but lets start with Australia, South Africa, Columbia, ...

What is your travel / competition schedule for 2008?

Hm, I usually always book some days before an event or trip, so I never have a really fixed schedule. But my plans are to go to at least 3 PKRA Events, 2 German Events and put some core trips in between.

Favorite thing about kiting?

The girls cheering from the beach, hahaha.

Favorite place to kite?

Los Roques in Venezuela was killer.

Shout out to your boys... perfect session- where are you, what are you riding, who's with you?

The place for a perfect session is still to be created by global warming, it would be a flat water consistent nuking wind laguna in the middle of Munich and I would be riding the Hifi 7m, with me my best buddies and some hot chicks!

Why does the HIFI work for you?

Because I want to have a kite that gives me killer acceleration with Kiteloops, smooth handling and lots of power for wakestyle tricks; the HiFi has all that plus a marvelous working One pump system, which feels sooo good if you're lazy like me.

Favorite moves?

My all time favorite would be the toeside backroll to blind, which is a very simple trick, but it just feels better than anything else. Just after that one, a really powered KGB to blind or a big kiteloop with a late rotation in more than 6 Beaufort.

What's new (tricks) for you in '08?

Some new stuff that I still want be shouting out before I've shown it on video, but basically I just try to do all my tricks with a lower kite angle, more speed and throw some grabs in between the movements.

Silvester's riding shots