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Bio / Interview

Name: Jason Slezak
Aka: “Slezy-J”
Born: March, 14th in Pennsylvania
Reside: Waves, Cape Hatteras, Nc
Height / weight: 6'1", 73", 185.42cm, 2.03yd / 195lbs, 88.5kg, 88,450.5grams, 13.93 stones, .088 metric ton
Kiting Since: Started in the one-nine-nine-nine

Your 08 LF Setup:
Boards: Mission 138 and 144 w/either Union bindings or comp strap and pad kit
Kites: 6m – 16m Havocs w/stock bars
Pro Team Traveler and Overhead roller bag

Music Playlists: Lots of hip hop, but really a mix of everything from bluegrass (I do live in the south), to rock, to reggae.
Before Riding: Jay-Z, Outkast, The Roots
After RIding: Just depends on how the session went!

Favorite energy source/motivator for kiting: Snickers and a Red Bull and some good friends to session with!

What is your cross training sports(s): Surfing, Snowboarding, Skating, and Wakeskating

Describe your first kiteboarding experience: Sketchy to say the least! Straight downwind launch, hoisted into the air and ripped head first through a pile of beach chairs, coolers, and girls before crashing the kite and asking a friend to help me launch the kite to do it again!!! Needless to say a 3.2m foil and small wakeboard did not work in the ocean my first try!

Describe your best moments in kiteboarding: Every epic sunset session with friends that I am lucky enough to experience!

What is the best location you have kited and why for:

Flatwater: At home in Cape Hatteras! I love the hidden flat water spots and the lack of crowds most of the year.
Scenery: That is a tough one . . . Tahiti, Western Australia, St. Lucia it is too hard to decide!!!
Waves: Indo!!! Sickest wind and wave combination EVER!
Sliders: Antigua, Dre has got the setup down there. But if you just show up to ride you may never even see a slider if you don't know where to look!
People/Atmosphere: Australia! I love the people and the culture there. Most of the countries population is on the coast so everyones lives seem to revolve around the ocean and the conditions!

What drives you to get up in the morning and go kite: The freedom to get out on the water, experience nature, throw down, and have fun with friends!

What are your personal goals for kiteboarding: To help progress the sport in the right direction along with my personal riding. I also want to continue to be involved in all aspects of kiteboarding; flatwater, waves, freestyle, sliders, snow, and whatever else comes up! It helps to keep things fresh and interesting!

Where do you want to travel that you have not been yet? New Caledonia and some exploration in South America

Where have you been that will always remain in your mind? Tahiti with Moe!

Why do you choose LF: Everyone in the company is awesome and great to work with and the product ROCKS! They made me feel like part of the LF family as soon as I came on board in 2004.

What makes LF different and special: Everyone from Tony and Jimmy and on down the line believes in being loyal and part of the “family”. It creates a great working environment which results in some amazing products and innovations.

Where do you see kiteboarding in 5 years: I see kiteboarding continuing to grow and push the limits of what is possible with both equipment and ways to use that equipment.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Sessioning every day!

What has been your most personal contribution to the sport that has had the most impact/influence: Pushing slider riding into kiting, and starting the Triple-S Invitational at Real Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras, Nc

Myspace/facebook pages: www.myspace.com/jasonslezak
Facebook: Jason Slezak

Describe the ultimate day of kiting- conditions, friends, gear, location, etc: Riding with the LF team plus Dre and Sam Bell. Waves in the morning, BUTTER flat water or perfect kicker session in the afternoon, and then sick slider session at sunset. 10m Havoc, 6'2" LF Rawson in the surf, 138 Mission for the rest of the day. Indo for the surf, kitebeach maui for the kickers, and Coche @ sunset for the sliders!

What else is in your life outside of kiting: Working on my house, surfing whenever possible, going snowboarding with my brothers and dad, checking out good concerts, and doing anything I can to spend time with family and friends

Jason's riding shots