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Bio / Interview

Name: David Blair
Aka: Davey
Born: Chucktown, South Carolina
Reside: Sunset beach North Shore Oahu
Height / weight: 5'10-170
Kiting Since: End of 2002

Your 08 LF Setup: Flat water and sliders: 136 recoil with union bindings and any Hifi kite, Surf: 6'1 LF rawson skate model short board. with any Hifi or havoc kites.

Music Playlists:
Before Riding:
Dub island Sound system. Outkast, Jay z, Nas, ACDC
After Riding: Bob Marley, Dub Island Sound system, Toots, Kruder

Favorite energy source/motivator for kiting: My girlfriend. Watching any video, Skate, Surf, Kite, Snow. Watching any kind of riding gets me pumped up and puts new tricks in my head. If i know what i want to do before I rig up then i will learn something new.

What is your cross training sports(s): Surfing, Skate, and Ju jetsu. and yoga.

Describe your first kite boarding experience: I was in chucktown with my best Friend Kai. it was the first time either one of us launched a kite and had not a clue what we were doing. We didnt even know what the leading edge or trailing edge was. We hooked the lines up backwards, leading edge lines to the trailing edge and vice verse. We had no idea what was about to happen. We had a 12m kite and it was blowing solid 20knt. we should of had an 8 or 10m. We didnt know better. Kai was first to fly. He harnessed up and was ready. I was holding the kite down wind and he motioned me to let go. As soon as i did the kite went straight across the power zone and lofted my friend a good 15ft in the air. He flew straight over may head and continued down wind. I immediately started running down wind after him. he traveled about 30ft in the air to finally body slam into a sand dune. He hit once then was picked up a second time to be rolled across the sand like a sand flea. The kite crashed into some sea grass and stooped. Kai was tumbling and finally came to a stop. This is when I finally got to him. he was covered in sand from head to toe. the whites of his eyes was all I could see. I thought he broke every bone in his body and that i just witnessed it. With his eyes wide open and sand locked in his hair he said to me/"Dude that was awesome". And I said "my turn but first lets go watch a how to set up video" He agreed. From that point i never looked back.

Describe your best moments in kite boarding: first is when i singed my deal with liquid force. They are family to me and I have the best team mates/friends to travel the world in search for the best conditions. Next was the day I rode My favorite surf break, Rock Piles. It was kona wind day and about 12 feet Hawaiian. heaviest day of my life. I walked away with zero enjury and only one broken board. It felt like i cheated death that day. Best day of my life and kite boarding gave that to me.

What is the best location you have kited and why for:

Flat water: Charleston(chucktown)SC. it has the flattest water ive ever seen and its my home town. chucktown it
Scenery: West Auz has some kind of lord of the flys feel. Theres nothing around.
Waves: Hawaii for the performance factor and indo for the perfect barrel set up.
Sliders: Hatteras NC it is home to the camel toe. enough said.
People/Atmosphere: Hawaii. its my next home to chucktown and the riders out here push me the next level. its a little gnarly but thats what I need to progress.

What drives you to get up in the morning and go kite: The fact I am all ready up to surf and the wind has blown it out and insted of being pissed off the rest of the day I stay stoked and pump up my kite and session all day. I love Kite boarding thats why.

What are your personal goals for kite boarding: kite till the day I die. Make good friends along the way and have as much fun as possible. you know you live to die so you may as well have as much fun as possible.

Where do you want to travel that you have not been yet? South Africa and pea pass

Where have you been that will always remain in your mind? Indo, West Aus, Hatteras, Hawaii.

Why do you choose LF: LF is family orientated in the office and thats a good feeling when you are a rider. I trust and love the gear witch is important for the things I do. I dont want to go out in 10ft surf and not trust my gear. trusting your gear is half the battle. next is getting thru the shore break.

What makes LF different and special: Its not your typical windsurf turned kitesurf company. they got soul in the board industy. they are the leading wakeboard manufacture. I wake boarded before kite and LFs image fits me like a glove. I am no dame pole bender. Im a Liquid force rider. We set our own standard and LF is fully supportive.

Where do you see kiteboarding in 5 years: In five years I see most pro surfers traveling with at least one kite in their board bag. in my travels this year I ran into many pro surfers that were in the same spots as me for the perfect surf. when the wind came up they were bummed and I was stoked. I surfed with them in the morning when it was glassy and when the wind came up I was on my same board riding the same waves with a kite. They sat on the beach and watched my session continue. I see more surfers becoming kitesurfers

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: On the water riding giant surf. or in the skatepark nailin a new line. or with my girl chillen like a villan

What has been your most personal contribution to the sport that has had the most impact/influence: Putting my heart and soul into kiteboarding. I have nothing but motivation to make the sport what it will be in 10 years. we are in the golden years right now and its feels great.

Myspace/facebook pages: chucktowninc.com

Describe the ultimate day of kiting- conditions, friends, gear, location, etc: 20knt trade winds with, all the boys. Brny, Moe. Sleezy, Hat, Reo, Amundson, JB, LEx, Pr, Kai, Skip, hurrican. at the point with head high surf. riding my LF rawsoin shape 6'1 on my 9 M HiFi

What else is in your life outside of kiting: My girlfriend, Carli, and my family who is behind me thru thick and thin. "Chucktown it"

Davey's riding shots