NAME: Cindy Mosey
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.3.74
STOMPING GROUNDS: Nelson, New Zealand
SPONSORS: Seagate, Liquid Force, Rip Curl, Dirty Dog, Underground
How long have you been kiteboarding? 3 Years
What inspired you to start kiteboarding? I was bored with windsurfing, and looking for a new challenge.
When you kiteboard, where do you do it, and with who? Kiteboarding to me is as very much about travelling and exploring new places. My favorite spots are Turkey, Christchurch and Nelson in New Zealand. I mostly kiteboard with happy, charged people who are much better than myself. That way I enjoy time on the water and continue to learn.
What new tricks do you have under your sleeve that the media hasn't seen yet? I enjoy sliding handle passes, something that the media has seen plenty of in the mens field, but not the women's.
What do you do with your time when you're not kiteboarding? Organize gear, teach kiteboarding, swimming, hang out with my boyfriend.
What's the coolest place that the sport of kiteboarding has allowed you to travel to? Turkey is my favorite place. The water is warm, there are many new places to explore, and the people are fantastic, food great and very few people kiteboard.
Where are you planning to travel this year? This year is pretty busy for me. At this stage I will be going to Tarifa, Austria, Fuerteventura, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Australia and Fiji.
What's your perfect day consist of? A walk on a wild beach, some kiting on a flat estuary and then kiting in small waves. A bonfire on the beach with tin foil potatoes, and snuggling up with my partner in my van.
What does your perfect meal consist of? Baked Vegetables, Feta cheese, loads of avocado and fresh tomatoes.
In your opinion, who is the best kiteboarder, and why? I don't really think any one kiteboarder is the best.
Who is the most creative? I like Martin Vari's style and also Sheldon Plentovich.
Which riders actually get you stoked on the sport? Sheldon Plentovich and Martin Vari both get me stoked on the sport because they enjoy what they are doing and don't take it too seriously.
What athletes, non-kiteboarding, have inspired you, and why? Athletes such as the women who compete in the Volvo round the World Yachting race. The are an inspiration because what they are doing is physically and mentally demanding, and they have to compete against the men.
What type of music do you listen to? Mix Of Everything
Who are your favorite bands? U2, Scottie Mackie, Spearhead
Last book you read? 7 Years in Tibet
Last movie you saw? Lord Of The Rings