by Little Petter

April 3rd, 2010

RV rollin into Belmont Shores

Belmont Shores was on yesterday! The RV is still on tour for bringing PURE FUN and wind to places around california. As soon as the wind dropped in, kiteboarders showed up testing Havocs and Envys. For the light winds at the beginning of the afternoon, the skateboard and trainerkite on land as well as the lowriders, twinskim and kitefish on the water was the best choice. Later the wind increased and influence, recoil and wlf as well as wlf were used to shred Belmont Shores.

The Kitesurfari Crew gave amazing support to the demo and the RV is already rollin up to Belmont again for another demo day. come out and experience pure fun with LF 2010

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