by Nils Knoop

October 26th, 2010

Russia is going nuts!

Our friends from Russia carried out the first “Rail Masters” at the Russian kite park Naoba2. They killed the obstacles over there! Congrats to Gennadiy Kirillov who took 2nd place! Check out the event report and pics:

For the first time in the history of Russian Kiteboarding, the kickers&sliders event “Rail Masters” was carried out. The event took place in the first Russian kite park Naoba2 along with the program of the Russian Championship «Black Sea Cup». Currently there are 3 obstacles based in this park: slider Liquid Force, kicker NPX and a-frame Pro Shop.

The jib contest attracted a lot of interest of the audience, who fiercely supported the riders  during the sessions. In total, there were about one hundred people who came to see the event and most of them sat directly opposite to the central part of the park on the small hill that served them as a natural stand.

The competition was conducted as a jam session in a friendly atmosphere. 15 participant riders were divided into 3 groups. Each group of 5 people was given 20 minutes to show their  kickers&sliders skills.

All the tricks were recorded on 3 video cameras and then the riders gave a secret judgment of each other sessions based on the recorded video. It was for the first time in Russian kiteboarding history that riders judged riders!

Each rider was given a form, to fill in with his own ranking of all other riders except himself surely. After that the organizers counted the points according to the following principle: 1st place – 1 point, 2nd place – 2 points, etc.

So here are the results:

1st place -  Rakhmatov Nikolay(F-one) (18 points),

2nd place – Gennadiy Kirillov (Liquid Force)(30 points),

3rd place – Yan Valiev (Best)(52 points).

Kite-park will be working up to the end of the season, and then all the obstacles will be packed till next spring. This competition proved the great interest of riders and sponsors to the obstacle riding, so there is no doubt in further development of this exciting and spectacular type of kiteboarding.

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    warm-up video “Rail Masters 2010″

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