by Little Petter

March 20th, 2010

Pure Fun Demo tour a day in the life…

After a great session in Ventura we hit the road to Buelton, CA for a quick night of sleep.  Once the morning came to life it was time to make the decision to hit Jalama for a quick session or hedge the bets and get to Pismo early to post up in the camp site, sort gear and hope for an evening soul session..well we opted to hit the road to Pismo. We did get the camp site, we did set up and sort gear, but the wind never filled in.  After a bit of a cooler and BBQ session the food comas set in and off to sleep…

First day of the Kite Expo was filled with a great dose of bronzing and hob nobbing…not much wind going on..but Tekko threw up the ENVY 15 and showed the peeps that the light weight of the ENVY can fly in 4 to 5 mph of wind..

Hopefully day 2 will give us better conditions!!!!

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