2008 Liquid Force Havoc- For Immediate International Release

Liquid Force Kiteboarding International is proud to announce the official release of the 2008 Havoc: The most progressive Premium High Performance /Free-Ride 4-Line SLE kite on the market today!

Style: Premium High Performance / Free-Ride 4-Line SLE
Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16
Terrain Applications: Flat water, Wave, and Snow
MSRP: $1199.99 - $1799.99 Complete with:
LF Control System LF Leash LF Backpack LF Pump

What’s New:

  • Diamond wing tip design: Result: increases turning speed, increased depower, increased range and over wingtip stability.
  • Higher aspect design than 2007 Havoc: Result: faster flying speed which creates more lift and boosts higher.
  • Dump Valve: Gets the air out in a hurry….
  • LF Anti-flutter Technology: Dacron reinforcements on the canopy and wingtip segments help to stabilize the canopy during tight turns and during changes in the kite’s angle of attack.
  • Light bar pressure, but still enough to feel the power in the kite.
  • Kite loops and boosts insane!!!!
  • Awesome relaunch!!!!


Watch the Havoc Release Video

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For more information check out liquidforcekites.com to find you’re nearest LF Dealer or LF Distributor

We look forward to seeing you on the water soon !

The Liquid Force Crew

For more information on LF Kiteboarding products check out the LF web site: https://liquidforcekites.com

Dealer inquiries welcome, please email us at   or call toll free 1-800-820-7781 ext: 323

International Sales contact:

Kevin Kline
[email protected]
tel# - 800-820-7781 ext 342
fax# - 425-895-5890

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