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The LF CPR system allows an instant and effortless safety release of the kite, with either the left or the right hand, from the front or back of the bar. Once engaged, the bar will release from the chicken loop to either the 100% de-power flag line or 90% de-power main line leash attachment options.

While the primary focus for this new system was on safety and release advancements, the entire bar has been redesigned and improved. Julien Fillion teamed up with industrial designer Miles Hammond to create the new CPR, the most advanced, easy to use and reliable control bar and safety system in kiteboarding.

CPR Features

100% De-power Flag Line The LF CPR Control System has a 100% De-power flag line leash attachment option. When hooked to the flag line and the bar or CPR are released, the kite will completely de-power with the riders leash attached to the flag line. This will leave them connected to only one front line, completely flagging and de-powering the kite.

90% De-power Option To utilize the 90% depower leash attachment setting, attach your leash to the end of the mainline. This set-up will allow the rider to safely and repeatedly depower and disable their kite while still allowing the rider to re-launch and ride again very quickly.

Below the bar de-power cleat The power adjustment mainline runs through a 3d Molded cleat, molded into the CPR Chicken Loop This Allows effortless adjustment of the mainline and an extreme amount of de-power, always within reach below the bar, molded cleanly right into the chicken loop surface.

Center Line Push Release The LF CPR Release is designed for ultimate safety and simplicity, allowing a rider to release the kite with either hand, from the front or back of the bar, always the same, either side, and at any time!

Non Mechanical 100% Molded QR Design The LF CPR is unique in that it has NO MECHANICAL or METAL Parts. Each of the quick release parts are molded plastic and will not rust, seize or corrode and will always function properly in sand, salt, heat or snow.

Quick Click CPR Release Reset The CPR Release is designed to be just as easy and reliable to reset as to release, even from the water. The CPR resets simply by snapping the chicken loop onto the mainline and then pulling the red release piece down until it clicks. Done!

Color Coded 3d Molded Eva Grip More comfortable than ever with bold color coded grip. This bar grip is very easy to see the right/left sides of the bar while flying and even when getting tumbled underwater. You always know which end of the bar to grab.

Auto Indexed Chicken Loop This allows a stiff and constant alignment of the chicken loop to the bar when unhooking/hooking back in. The chicken loop does not flop around and is always aligned correctly with the bar. No need to look to unhook or re-hook!

CPR Alive!

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