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Incredible direct feel, unparalleled pop, and powerful loops all wrapped into a supercharged package. The unique design of the HiFi Comp, which morphs C-kite performance with hybrid SLE range, is unmatched for aggressive freestyle riding and is the choice of Liquid Force of progressive competition and limit pushing riders like James Boulding and Brandon Scheid.

Whether you’re attempting your fi rst raley or dropping your shoulder to stomp an S-Mobe, the HiFi Comp will take you to the outer limits of progressive freestyle kiteboarding.

HIFI COMP SIZES: 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15

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HIFI Comp Features

  • 100% Depower CPR Control System Equipped
  • Max Flow Inflation System
  • Superior Quality Canopy Material
  • Reinforced Leading Edge Structure
  • Bomb Proof Construction
  • Bridle System USB 2.0
  • Diamond Wingtip
  • Angled Jet Struts

Who’s Riding the HIFI Comp

HIFI Comp Alive!

HIFI Comp WindRange

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