Messenger 5’2″

Delivering confidence in the surf and high precision performance for strapless freestyle, the Messenger is more reliable than your mailman. This board has a blunt nose shape with a deep double concave that fades to a quad soft channel out the tail, allowing the board to handle down-the-line speed while keeping the board predictable and precise in the pocket. A 3+2 FCS compatible fin configuration rounds out the bottom design highlights, giving you a choice between a fast quad fin setup or a thruster for pivotal turning.

Comes complete with 3_2 fins & front and back eva pad.

Length: 5’2”
Width: 18.5“
Thickness: 2 3/8”
Volume: 24.7L

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The top deck shape features a slight contour under foot that delivers a non-fatiguing and controlled feel. Superior technical construction offers the best strength-to-weight ratio of any strapless kiteboard by utilizing an EPS precision-shaped core that’s laminated with S-glass and vector net carbon weave in critical impact zones.



EPS Vacuumed Core


Epoxy construction, S-Glass, Innegra fibre.


3+2 fin configuration


Hydrodynamic Hull Design.

Episode #3 – The Messenger Kitesurf Board