Impulse Carbon Wingset

Created in collaboration with Cloud IX Surf Foils the Impulse wing set confidently crosses kite, surf and wake hydrofoiling. Designed to provide rapid lift and long glide, along with a wide speed and wind range.  The Impulse will take your freeride kite hydrofoiling to the next level. Allowing more time for tack and jibe transitions, constant wing engagement on jump landings, and the ability to drop a size kite or get out in even lighter wind conditions than ever imagined.

Technical Data

 Front Wing

  •         Projected Surface Area 1100 cm^2
  •         Aspect Ratio 3.29
  •         Wing Span 610 mm
  •         Chord Length 208 mm
  •         Weight 1350 grams

 Back Wing

  •         Projected Surface Area 300 cm^2
  •         Weight 167 grams
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These same design attributes make the Impulse ideal for mounting on a hydrofoil compatible SUP or prone surfboard. Efficient and smooth controlled lift, along with the ability to generate glide by pumping the wing, keeps swell energy connectivity easy and manageable. This magic can be translated behind the boat where the Impulse excels at sustained hydrofoiling on both the primary and secondary wakes with or without the rope!



Kite & Surf Crossover use for kite, surfing, SUP and wake
Carbon Wings Carbon construction low aspect wing
Lightweight Lightest Carbon Construction

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