Glider Carbon Wingset

The ultimate search for the infinite glide starts with finding the right wing for the task.  Taking design inspiration from the Thruster wing, the Glider scales up this super stable shape and gives it more curvature through the middle.  This unique design tweak delivers ultimate pumping power and maximum glide in any conditions. The result is a wing that will have you pumping out to sea to catch that next roller or cruising at insanely slow speeds behind the kite.

Technical Data

Front Wing

  •         Projected Surface Area 1250 cm^2
  •         Aspect Ratio 3.86
  •         Weight 1150 grams

Back Wing

  •         Projected Surface Area 370 cm^2
  •         240 grams


Find the Nearest Dealer

This wing is for the rider who enjoys bigger wings that have strong unilateral stability and want the ability to pump if need be.  Whether it be marginal wind, marginal waves, or a choppy day behind the boat, the Glider will turn any session into a full on hydrofoil fun fest.   


Kite & Surf Crossover use for kite, surfing, SUP and wake
Carbon Wings Carbon construction low aspect wing
Lightweight Lightest Carbon Construction

Product Knowledge