FS1 Foil Surfboard

Trying to get into the world of hydrofoil surfing?  Not sure what you need to get? With so many options out there and more arriving every single day, it is no wonder you may be a bit confused or gun shy.  The FS1 is Liquid Force’s solution to your problem. 

WIDTH: 20.9”

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This is the perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to get a hydrofoil surfboard that is easy to use and can accept most foils that are on the market.  Optimized for slopey green walls, as well as whitewater takeoffs, the FS1 is the perfect jack-of-all trades foil surfboard. It’s the perfectly designed tool to help you confidently find the never ending float.


Core Dual Stringer EPS CNC core.
Weight 9.4 lbs or 4.26 kg. There is an acceptable vairance of +/- 5%.
Shape High volume and forgiving outline make the board perfect for learning to foilsurf.
Leash Plug Don’t leave your foil behind.
Bottom Shape Easy planing low rocker profile helps make the most of mushy surf and weak waves.
Track Mounting Divinicel reenforced adjustable track mounting allowing multiple foil positions.
Grip Tail pad EVA.