Flite Carbon Wingset

If you want to take flight, you are going to need the right tools.  The Flite wing is perfectly tuned to take you from your first water starts all the way to your first jibes.  With a design that delivers strong yaw stability and easy lift, this wing is perfect for beginners who are learning how to hydrofoil or looking to ride at slower speeds.

Technical Data

 Front Wing

  •         Projected Surface Area 1200 cm^2
  •         Aspect Ratio 3.48       
  •         Weight 1150 grams

 Back Wing

  •         Projected Surface Area 280 cm^2
  •         Weight 240 grams
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If you’ve been a bit nervous, or even a bit stubborn, about joining the foil revolution, the Flite wing will make those first rides as easy as they can be by providing a slow learning speed that allows you to think about your balance and nothing else.  The easiest wing to ride in our lineup, the Flite is our standard wing of choice in both our kite and wake beginner packages.  


Carbon Wings Carbon construction low aspect wing
Lift Profile Low speed lift engagement encourages learning and on foil confidence.
Lightweight Lightest Carbon Construction