Amp Control System

Compact and connected the Amp bar is a freestylers 5-line dream. Designed to complement the HIFI X3 everything put into the Amp is to enhance and address the highest demands of modern freestyle riding. Small compact size allows for ample kite control without unwanted oversteering.

Ultra short width 44cm


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Full EVA integrated winder and floats protect the hand from any end grabs or slips. External 5th line for safety and relaunch aid. Utilizing the same safety system as the Mission Control with the addition of a larger chicken loop gives you the confidence to push your riding limit.

5th line adjustment kit available


Compact Size

Small compact size 44cm line to line


One-piece integrated EVA float and winders

Flying Line

300kg flying lines: Highest quality monofilament braided pre-stretched flying lines 20m + 3m for line length adjustability.


Manual main line swivel: Below the bar swivel for easy center line twist management