There are times that you hear about missions that just seem to be myth or even maybe legend.  The long drive stories for a 1-hour session.  The unheard of countless hours of no sleep to chase the breeze.  The overnighter just because someone said that there is the possibility of good swell and wind.  Well, Liquid Force west coast rep has shattered the myths and the legends.  On a swell hunch and a “looks like wind” he decided to pack up and drive to Punta San Carlos in Baja, Mexico for one session, alone.  Yeah that might not sound all that heavy.  But here is the reality..He just got back from a 3-day central Baja mission the day before!!!  The temptation of the possible magic session magnetically drew him back (and a email from Kevin at Solo Sports saying that it is on).  So back in the van he went and drove 7 hours straight, one quick stop for an hour of sleep, and then straight into a magic session.  If you are looking for an unbelievable, perfect wave riding conditions and want to run the Liquid Force gear through the paces, reach out to Solo Sports

Posted by Little Petter