Response Control Bar

On the fly Adjustable bar lenght | Double swivel action | Above the bar depower

Check the Specs

1 Adjustable Bar Ends

Adjust bar ends on the fly for 46cm to 56cm bar width.

2 Adjustable Mainline Cleat

Easily move the trim cleat up and down for personal preference and reach.

3 Automatic Top Swivel

Ceramic self-flushing auto-spin swivel that maintains twist-free flying lines for maximum performance.

4 Ergonomic EVA Bar Grip

Soft, comfortable grip with ergonomic contours for fatigueless riding and tactile bar orientation.
Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.48.58 PM

5 Moulded Chick Loop with 100% Depower

Reliable, safe and simple to use.

6 New Recoil Leash

Perfect leash for both 100% depower and freestyle setup.