Solo V2

Solo V2 Sizes

6.5 - 9 - 12 -15.5 - 17.5

Full Description

This design thought to be fringe in the beginning has proven to be an established platform. The lightweight benefits of drift and efficiency through the wind window and pack ability give the Solo outstanding characteristics that span the all terrain free rider all the way to the growing hydro foiling segment.

For the Solo V2, we have added slight changes that enhance the handling and feeling at the bar. Increased profile in the wingtips provides better bar response and non-visual feel from the kite. The addition of a Tension Trailing Edge increased laminar flow, which results in decreased fluttering giving the kite a smoother feel at the bar.

In short! The Solo is the ultimate free riding kite.

Solo V2 Wind Range

Based on a 175lb (79kg) person riding a standard twintip kiteboard.

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