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CPR Control System

We are pilots of the wind- blown skies. But it’s not a ride unless you can steer. The CPR bar is the simplest, safest kite control system on the mar- ket. The seamless one-piece design, Center Push Release safety system, and ergonomically designed grips mean you’ll never want to let go.

true depoWer

Attach the leash to the flag line for 100% depower by either the CPR release or simply dropping bar. Attach the leash to the main line for 90% depower that allows you to relaunch and ride immediately. The below-the-bar cleat, molded as part of the CPR chicken loop, lets you make adjustments effortlessly.

Let go. noW.

Left hand. Right hand. In front of the bar or behind it. The Liquid Force CPR (Center Push Release) is a patent-approved safety system. Reset it by simply snapping the chicken loop back on to the main line and pulling the red release down until it clicks.

smart unibodY design

Better flotation for bar recov- ery, and reduced diameter for improved grip, With no metal or mechanical parts, there’s no chance for breakage, rust, or corrosion. The color coded EVA grip makes it easy to identify the left and right side of the bar. Tubing-wrapped leader lines prevent near-bar tangles. The LF bar is better than ever.