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5’9” CJ LTD

The ultimate wave rip stick in super lighweight carbon construction. the 5’9” Ltd.

pure performance.

When you have something good, it’s nice to make it better. For those willing to sacrifice price for performance, the 5’9” CJ LTD version offers the ultimate in light weight, stiffness response, and world- class wave-riding.

Lighweight layup.

Featuring the same tried and true shape as the 5’9” CJ for radical action in real waves. The full carbon construction and environmentally-friendly waterproof BXP-3 foam core makes the 5’9” LTD the surfboard of choice for kite surfers. Designed by Julien Fillion.

Size : L: 5’9” W: 17 15/16” V: 23.46L

Weight : 2.7kg

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