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The Liquid Force Comp harness is Liquid Force’s complete 3D Thermoformed Harness.

Throw in an EVA ‘Body Wrap’ Liner and it makes the Liquid Force Comp Harness conform to the body for that ‘like a glove’ fit.  New design features on the 2012 Liquid Force Comp harness includes the spreader bar stabilizer. This stabilizer, which is located at the lowest point of the spreader bar, keeps the spreader bar in the correct position and prevents it from vertically twisting into the riders ribs.

For 2012 Liquid Force has also integrated a new 3D Thermoformed core, providing a controlled flex that distributes loads evenly and remains lightweight, even when wet.   The Double Ended Quick Release System has also been updated to provide the rider with the most reliable leash release in the industry. One of the main features is the molded left and right side quick release for the leash. To release the leash from the harness, simply pull the left or the right side release loops. To re-attach the release system, simply slide the ends back in.

Another unique Liquid Force Comp Harness feature is a molded spreader bar pad, which features an inner sleeve to stow away the excess webbing.   The Liquid Force Comp harness also includes a leash connector to attach to your harness.

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Comp Features

  • 3D thermoformed, providing lightweight and com- fortable riding support event when wet.
  • EVA molded body wrap liner provides even pres- sure disbursement and eliminates twisting.
  • World’s first pre-curved EVA molded spreader bar pad. Gives superior comfort and support while preventing uncomfortable spreader bar chest fric- tion.
  • The Ultra Flex shape and design help unify the harness and the body into one.
  • Low profile outline designed to sit perfectly on the lower back.
  • Liquid Force Rash Guard Technology. Extra soft neoprene panels on the hip contact points that prevent chafe.
  • Quick release leash. Another Liquid Force original feature. This attribute allows the riders to separate themselves from the kite leash, if needed, from either side of the leash attachment to harness connection points.
  • Removable Spreader bar hold down strap that keeps the spreader bar in place for freestyle and hang-time comfort.
  • Spreader bar Quick clip allows rapid entry and removal of the harness.
  • Effortless strap adjustment geometry for easy single hand tightening of the spreader bar, even while riding.
  • If you are one of those lucky riders who get to rip everyday and are hard on your gear, LF has your back with replaceable spreader bar straps included with the harness.

Who’s Riding the Comp

  • Julien Fillion
  • Brandon Scheid
  • Moehau Goold
  • Petter Johnsen

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