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Kite Fish

The board that makes marginal days fun and good days great! This unique board defines its own category. Starting with a full-sized fish outline, kite specific rocker and twin-plus trailer fin

Set up, combined with LF’s ultra durable capped construction makes this a great board for small sloppy surf, rolling river swell, or light wind cruising. Plus a price that makes adding this board to your quiver a no brainer.

Board highlights: CNC cut core, bombproof cap construction, V bottom contour, EVA grip, surf straps.

SIZE: 5’3”

Kite Fish Features

  • Compression molded bombproof construction
  • Asymmetrical heel and toe edge
  • Single concave asymmetrical bottom contour
  • Integrated thumb rail deck contours
  • Continious rocker profile
  • Offset inserts
  • Beautiful sublimated UV resistant graphics
  • RSX 2.0 fins

Kite Fish Alive!