by Nils Knoop

October 12th, 2010

Núria at Brazilian Championships

Núria Gomà just finished the first stop of the Brazilian Championship and she was super happy about her results: “I’m super happy with my 2nd place in Course Racing and 4th in wave riding. Next week is the Super Kite Brasil International event. Let’s see how it goes.”

Here is her full report:

Today just finished the first stop of the Brazilian Championship. The event, sponsored by Volkswagen, was held in Cumbuco in a really nice spot betwen Cumbuco town and Cauipe Lagoon. It was a complete succeed as all the disciplines could be finished and the organisation, an example to be followed. I wish in Spain the events were half the one of this one. For three days, the best riders from all the country and also a few foreigners competed to get the title. I’m very happy with my 2nd place in Course Racing, after the Brasilian champion Nayara Licariao, also one of the top 3 riders in the world championship ranking. A total of 7 races were completed, with 2 descards. I couldn’t finish the last 2 due to a massive crash in the starting line at the end of the day. Fortunately, my three second places, one 1st and one 3rd, gave me a 2nd place in the overall ranking.

I also took part in Waves riding and I’m happy with my 4th place because it was a very close heat, and even I didn’t win, I was satisfied with my performance. So tomorrow I’ll go back to Taiba to keep training. Next weekend is the Super Kite International competition also in Cumbuco. I hope to get as good results as in this competition!

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