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REAL Gear News New 2009 Liquid Force Havoc Kites

REAL Gear News
New 2009 Liquid Force Havoc Kites
September Sessions are in Full Effect. Pumping Wind, Pumping Surf and 2009 Gear PUMPING in the door ! September is all about epic sessions whether it be kiting in some of the best waves of the year or riding all of next year’s kites and boards before anyone else.

REAL has carried Liquid Force Kiteboarding Gear since the 1st day we opened our doors in 2001. Since then Liquid Force has grown to be one of the dominant brands in the industry and has a MASSIVELY loyal consumer following.

It used to be Liquid was a “board only” company with only a slight kite following. In the past three seasons Liquid Force developed their kite line to be THE KITES to own on the market. This year (2008) at REAL, The Liquid Force Havoc was the staple kite of choice, so for 2009 the question in everyone’s head was, “How can they make it better ?”.

Well the 2009 Liquid Force Havocs have landed at REAL and we have a limited quantity available for immediate ship to your door. Here is why for 2009 The Liquid Force Havoc will continue to be one of the top kites in the kiteboarding industry :

The 2009 Liquid Force Havoc
The 2009 Liquid Force Havoc is here! Not for long though, since the first shipment got gobbled up by the huge underground following of Liquid Force riders that stalked these to our front steps. What is all the hype about with the Liquid Force Havoc '09 ?


With the Havoc being in the third year of development, designer Julien Fillion has been able to further refine what was already a nearly perfect product. If you look into The Slick after 6pm on a windy SW day, you will see that 90% of the kites in the air are the Havocs. That is not because everyone loves Jason Slezak or because Tony Finn is the granddaddy of all things cool, but it is because the Havoc is simple and it does everything amazingly well. Not since the 2005 Slingshot Fuel have we seen a kite that is loved by such a diverse ability level of riders. Surf, boosting, or body dragging the Havoc does it all.

The underground following has been building since Liquid Force released the Havoc in 2007 that was slated as the C-kite with a bridal, and looked completely different that all the flat kites that were coming out previous to that point. Julien took a very simple approach to kite design when designing the Havoc.

“I want to find out what problems people have with their kites and solve them.”

The problems that he was able to solve with the Havoc were reducing the bar pressure, taking out the pulleys that kept breaking on the bridal and making a kite that pulls when it turns, so you could ride waves the way you wanted to. With the 2009 Havoc the design concepts continued to make the kite better without loosing the Havoc feel.

The most notable difference when you put the 2009 Havoc up in the air is that they flattened out the center part of the kite. Don’t worry they aren’t ripping the heart out of the Havoc and trying to serve up a different kite with the same name, rather they just are increasing the range of the kite. More flat surface area means when you sheet the bar in you have more power and visa versa.

“The arc is noticeably flatter, but not too much, and the bridles are a bit more compact. The turning is quick with steady power through turns and loops. Never once did I have any issues with back stalling or stability in basically onshore wave riding.” –LF Team Rider and REAL Coach Brandon Scheid

Liquid Force has taken construction to the next level with the 2009 Havoc. If it is anything like the 2008 for durability you will not be upset. We have been putting the ‘09 kites through the ringer for a month and they have not so much as lost their crispiness, so we can imagine that the will be similar in strength to the 2008 Havoc. They have also added some more solid bumpers on the leading edge of the kite for snow kiting and rough terrain.

Liquid Force has improved the Havoc Bar safety release to have a more sure fire way of getting out when you need to. They have also added a 55cm bar for the 14m and 16m Havoc to give it a little more juice in the turning.

It is hard to imagine, but the 2009 Havoc got better. The kites ride better in all conditions and the proven items like a bridle that doesn’t wear out and a bar that is clean and simple is still there. When the inventory levels rise, be sure that The Slick will be chock full of 2009 LF Havocs.

To order your new 2009 Havoc, call us toll free at 866-REAL-KITE or 252-987-6000. You can also purchase online by clicking any of the links above, or by visiting our new REAL Flagship Store in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina !

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REAL Gear News New 2009 Liquid Force Havoc Kites

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