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Frank the Tank Brazil 08

I'm at my second year in Icarai de Amontada. A little, uncrowded village in the Ceara. Like everybody know, Ceara is one of the windiest place in the world. The wind blows everyday from June to January! Ceara is also the poorest state of Brazil but with the nicest, big smily people!

Icarai De Amontada is a little paradise. The lifestyle is pretty mellow, people met on the center place at night for the shcool's out, play soccer on the beach or just relax under palm trees. Here, everyone know each other, so if you go out with a girl, the next day, all the village will know! It can be good...or not!!! The village was still untouched by tourist 2-3 years ago. Now, you can see little restaurant, bar, poussada, windsurfing club, kitesurfing club popin everywhere.

I work in a Kite club here. Pais Tropical, a structure own by Laetitia from France and Jeremy and Alan from Guadeloupe(so there's always some Bielle Rhum at the bar). They own a Poussada, Kite school/club and a little surf wear shop.




Its cool to be here. There's a good mood a the pousada and at the kiteclub, no stress.  I give kite course in the day and can ride when there's no clients, we got a couple of nice spot, waves kikers, sweet water laguna, fun little wave to surf, and of course, a butter flat spot! There's always some skate, snowboard, wakeboard, surf and kite mag in the lounge. We can surf couple time a month on little but uncrowdy wave. And there's the girls! 

I'm now heading for a big trip in Brazil, mostly for surfing. From Salvador de Bahia all the way down the coast to Rio de Janeiro. So maybe when the wave will be mushy and to much wind to surf, i'll pick my kite and smack thoses brazilian.....lips!


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