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Wanna come ride with the Girls?

Wanna come ride with the Girls?

Welcome to Liquid Force Maven -- a culture, a team, a stoke, and most of all a community of women (girls, chicks, ladies, whatever!) who kiteboard. That includes those learning to kiteboard, those already ripping, and those who even think about kiteboarding.

Maven is also Liquid Force's women-specific product line in KITE. Originating from Liquid Force's successful wakeboarding line for women, Maven expanded to kiteboarding, using the same successful formula to shape products that fit women-specific needs. The women of Liquid Force manage it, design it, test it, and ride it. It's about time, huh?

Our mission is to give the momentum of women's kiteboarding a surge forward. Maven consists of professional athletes, ambassadors for the sport, creators of female-specific gear, and members of the global community who love to ride! That means you! 

We started this newsletter to reach out to you, our riders, to offer tips, advice, and share stories of stoke in kiteboarding. If you have no interest, feel free to unsubscribe below. Otherwise, grab your bar, launch, and let's go ride!


Join the Liquid Force Maven Team

Liquid Force Maven is looking for regional riders WORLDWIDE interested in being a part of the Maven Girls Kiteboarding Team. As part of the LF Maven team, you will be eligible to receive gear discounts and swag, plus invitations to private team riding and clinic events.


Send 4 photos:
• 3 riding shots that show us your riding level
• 1 lifestyle photo
• Bonus: If you have video of you riding, even better!
Riding photos should portray your level, including 3 factors: Technical, Style, and Power.

Email a link to your photos and/or video to info @ If you are emailing actual photos, please make sure photos are under 1MB each. No video files will be accepted through email.


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Wanna come ride with the Girls?

Published By: Tonia Forman