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 Yo LF troopers.

After finish up the snow season at Haugastol back in Norway I headed over to Us, Cape Hatteras for the Triple S invitation 09. I won a place in the event as in form of a wild card video I send in. STOKED! I got there 14 days earlier in hope of getting some good training days on water before the event! There wasn’t any wind the hole time before the event, which was kind of a bummer but it was surf everyday. I had tons of fun surfing 2 sessions a day with Julien and some friend I got to know in CH. Cape Hatteras is such a sick place; they have everything, skate, good surf, sick kite and a lot of very nice people! The atmosphere is really good! The 30 of May the event started. The concept of the Triple S is something I really like, and that I think is good for the sport! The whole week of the event was a blast, we had wind almost everyday and got too ride all the different styles, surf, slick and sliders. It was so much fun, I was super stoked to kite with so many good riders, good riders with different style and specialists’. They wear all killing it!

Under the event the riders lived in some really nice houses, the house I was living in is called the Zen house. I stayed there with a lot of the LF crew riders, so it was good to get too know them all. Mauricio and I made a LF crib video, so check it out!

I am really happy about how the event turned out to be, it was a lot of good fun. I got 1`st in best wipeout, which was kind of funny..haha. I just want to thanks Jason Slezak for setting up such a sick event, and the real workers involved and everybody else that make the event to such a fun time! Thanks!

Now I am at Hawaii, Honolulu at the North Shore with the rest of the LF crew for the 2010 catalog shoot for the new LF gear! One word, the 2010 gear is SICK!

We been driving around guiding the island, surfing famous Waikiki beach, kiting on the North Shore, yeah had a lot of fun! Stoked to be at Hawaii with the crew!

See ya.

PS: working on a small edit for the last snowkite session I had, probably post it soon!


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