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The AL. History

When you think of high end hydrofoils, you probably think of a shiny and smooth carbon molded foil.  That certainly was the case before we got into the hydrofoil market. After we all got addicted to hydrofoiling, and decided to get into the market, one of our first goals was to shake up the marketplace.  We wanted to make an easy to ride, affordable foil. At the time, most foils were made of carbon, were expensive, and were tailored to racers and high end riding. Our brand path was, from the outset, going to be different.  We wanted to make our parts out of aluminum, a more cost effective and durable material. So we set off, making aluminum extruded masts, and fuselages as well as lower aspect, easy to ride wings. Everyone at the time, was telling us that we were nuts.  It was going to be too heavy, no one would buy low aspect foils, etc.

Well we certainly proved them wrong. Not only did we show that there was a massive market for beginner foils, afterall everyone needed to learn. We also set an industry standard for using aluminum.  Now almost every kite/foil brand has an aluminum offering in their line, and a whole plethora of low aspect wings. This influence or sway of the market is something we are really proud of at LFK. Not only does it align with our core value of relentless innovation, it also help usher in an era of fun freeride foiling, changing the market, and helping us focus on the fun that the foil could bring to the masses.  Pure fun, pure hydrofoil.

Get schooled!

New to hydrofoiling?  Let our progressive instructional video series help you master riding the foil. The videos start with your first sessions in the water with the foil, and take you all the way through advanced maneuvers, like tacks and jumps.  So dive on in, and let us help you feel the float!

See The Full Line

Our commitment to hydrofoiling runs deep, like our product line.  We proudly offer a full range of hydrofoiling specific gear. Not only do we make wings, boards, and all the inbetween.  We also have developed kites that meet the specific needs of the pure foil enthusiast. Are we loyal to the foil, you bet we are!