by Little Petter

March 11th, 2010

LF 2010 Snowkite Tour Kick Off

Yesterday March 10th was the official start to the 2010 LF Snowkite Utah Tour.
Jason Slezak, Julien Fillion, Brandon Scheid, Craig Cunningham, & Arla Funk took a session on the outskirts of Park City in just one of the thousands of Utah snowkite spots.
After cruising some open fields the crew found a great natural windlip kicker and built a second booter, everybody got their share solid hits and heavy crashes!
Brandon and Jason both agreed this was one of their best session snowkiting this winter if not ever!  Snow + Utah + Friends + LF Kites = Pure Fun!
The team has been testing the 2011 LF kites, which are the blurry kites in the pics! stay tuned for 2011…

Big Thanks again to : Liquid Force Kites, Kicker Audio,

Here’s some shots from the day.

Part of the trip :

Jason Slezak :

Julien Fillion :

Brandon Scheid :

Craig Cunningham :

Arla Funk :

Greg Gnecco

Alexis Rovira

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