While down in Baja, Nuria Goma joined forces with Jessica Withington to run a kite clinic with the support of Liquid Force. Read up on the action below.

“Yesterday I had the great opportunity to run a clinic with Jessica Withington and the support of Liquid Force, in her school here in Playa Central, she is an amazing professional!
It definitely was a great success as more than 20 persons assisted to it. We mainly wanted to do a free clinic to promote kite board and help those who are already in the sport but wanted to keep evolving.
We basically wanted to encourage intermediate riders to try and go strapless on kite-waves boards and we also talked about  water starting, tacks and jives, riding toe side and some transitions and basic jumps.
After the chat it was time to go to the water but only the most advanced kiters decided to give it a try on their 5m, 6m and 7m kites as the wind of more than 35knots made the ride note easy at all. We finally decided to cancel it as we were all overpowered. But it was a totally fun and worth it experience!!
You can follow all Jessica’s activities in Playa Central page.
Thanks to Jessica’s mum for the pics!!”
Thanks Nuria!

Posted by Sensi