Colleen Carroll reporting from the field of the 2012 La Ventana Classic in Baja, Mexico:

“Thursday- They held the event for four days this year (one more than in years previous) and it was a good thing. 99 kiteboarders and windsurfers (myself, Nate Appel, Adam Withington, and Nuria Goma included) headed to Ceralvo island on Thursday for The Crossing race.  This event is an 11 mile downwind race back to the mainland.  All the LF riders made it across but none of us took a notable place.  My strap actually broke with one minute to the start and I started on the beach as everyone else was crossing the start more than a quarter mile off shore so I got to play the ‘lets see how many people I can pass’ game.  Nate did pretty well but I dont know his exact place.
Friday – no wind
Saturday- There was little to no wind so a few of us actually towed in to a slider that some of the local guys made.  It has a dragon painted on it and it has a flame thrower that shoots out the back.  Awesome.  We hit it being towed in by this old janky little boston wailer where the speed would stick so one minute your sinking and the next your flying mach speed at the thing….kinda scary.  Then we tried to run some heats for course racing and all but the top racers were able to keep their kites in the sky.  The one race where us girls were able to make it across I came in third but other than that I got to practice for swim team tryouts. Haha.
Sunday- We had good wind and were able to run 7 heats of course racing and complete the big air/old school freestyle.  I came in third for course racing after Erika Heinekein and Alexis Aguera.   For big air/old school freestyle I came in 4th place while riding my boots and unhooking on most tricks…hey, its what I know, right?  I guess I tried to throw some big air in there too.”
Way to represent Colleen!

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