Liquid Force Spectrum is the next generation in Four Line Kites. The Spectrum kites come with small diameter carbon bar, with Powerlock™ depower system, 3D molded EVA grip, line winders, safety leash, quick-release de-powering loop and quad set of colored 27m lines.


Liquid Force Spectrum have custom aspect ratio (C.A.R.) which means as the kite increases in size so does the aspect ratio, allowing for huge technical jumps and effortless upwind ability

Large bag is
UV protective, has two pockets, a place for your big pump, and expands to fit the kite when struts are still inflated

All sizes incorporate inflatable wingtip struts -
Direct Drive Technology; multiple attachment points for control over turning quickness, and sheeting range

Leading edge attachment points utilize
knotted pigtails, rear attachment points utilize loops, eliminating the possibility of attaching back lines to front, and vice versa.

All kites have
larger valves for quick inflation & deflation, super sized dump valve on leading edge, and ball valves on wing tips

All kites come with super large,
durable pump with locking hose and valve.

Available Sizes:  6m - 8m - 10m - 12m - 15m - 19m