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Buy NowThe MiG is our completely re-designed C kite.  If a traditional “C” kite feel is what you are looking for and you want a kite with the simplicity of an original bridal free kite, then the MiG is your LF kite of choice. 

Relaunch system:
This proven relaunch system responds to the industry needs.  The 5th line is installed on the control system at the factory, and attaches to the kite the same way you setup the other flying lines.

Depower System:
When releasing the bar, the 5th line safety system totally depowers your kite.  Your kite will then sit on his its back in the water or ground ready for eventual relaunch or retrieval.




Union Single Point Inflation System:
The MiG like allkites in the LF line, utilize the new Liquid Force's Union Single Point Inflation System. This single-stage inflation system inflates the entire kite's structure in one step. Once you go union single point, you will never go back.

Anti Stretch panels layout:
As in the Assault and the Havoc the new Canopy panel layout inthe MiG was developed in order to reduce the panel distortion caused by multiple panel assembly. The side to side arc panels equalize the Canopy tension help to keep a clean profile throughout the structure of the kite.

Available Sizes - 7m : 9m : 12m

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