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This innovative low aspect design combines fast turning with unparalleled stability. This is where old School “two line” simplicity meets new school fifth line technology. The M-80 comes equipped with a 5th line leash system, which runs through an ergonomically shaped bar. This kite is the ultimate wake style and wave-riding kite, but also works perfectly for kite schools. The M-80 is the kite you can use as a beginner and keep as you excel in your riding ability.

5th Line Relaunch System line
This proven relaunch system responds to the industry needs. The 5th line is installed on the control system at the factory, and attaches to the kite the same way you setup the other flying lines. Contrary to other 5th line systems on the market, it is equipped with V bridle that prevents the kite from being damaged when the 5th line wraps around it. It also gives extra stability to the kite.

5th Line Safety System line
When releasing the bar, the 5th line safety system totally depowers your kite. Your kite will then sit on its back in the water or ground ready for eventual relaunch or retrieval.


M-80 Kite

Spider Inflation System Equipped
The M-80 utilizes Liquid Force’s exclusive internally integrated Spider Inflation System that is built in to the leading edge of the kite. This two-stage inflation system separates the leading edge from the struts because of their different air pressure requirements. The theory behind the two-stage inflation system is the smaller diameter struts require more air pressure than the larger diameter leading edge.

Control System Simplicity
The control system consists of a clutter free four-line bar that was designed with rider ease in mind. It is at the discretion of the rider to use the bar with or without the 5th line.

Stylish Kite Bag
All 2006 kites come with a stylish and functional kite bag that can be used to carry your kite gear as well as your board.

Available Sizes
5, 7, 9, 12, 16, & 20

Based on 175lb Rider




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