- All kites come with bar w/ winders,
     dual safety sytem, harness line and dual set
   of 30m lines
- Kites utilize
C.A.R. (custom aspect ratio) - Aspect Ratio increases with kite size
- Taking the concept of simplified performance to a new level. The Flight Kite, configured two-line, gives you the steady and direct pull you are looking for, making wake style tricks effortless.  
     By having Custom Aspect Ratios for each kite size, we are able to acheive similar performance throughout our entire line. All kites quickly and easily water re-launch with the ability to be converted to a 4-line system if you so desire.

    The rider can adjust and tweak the power of the kite for the perfect pull, so whether you are doing a KGB handle pass or just learning to body-drag, make sure you get your hands on one of these kites.