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The Mig is the Classic hard core C kite  Good for flat water, wave and park riding.  If the good core feeling of a c kite is what you are looking for then the Mig kite is for you.  This kite comes 5th line but can be ridden 4 line as well.

Complete De-power:
The 5th line system of this kite allow it to have 100% de-power when the 5th line is engaged.

Nuke Proof Construction:
The Mig features triple stitched, taped seems and connection point reinforcing all over the kite and where the canopy meets the LE as well as along the LE seam making the Mig one of the most durable kites in the industry.

No Brainer Pigtails:
The looped front line attachment points and the knotted back line attachment points ensure that you always hook your lines up correctly.

Union Inflation System:
The Union Single Point Inflation System allows your entire kite to be inflated from one nozzle.

Anti Flutter Technology:
The Mig kite incorporates black Dacron striping to eliminated flutter and distortion when flying the kite extremely de-powered.

Profile Enhancing Segmented Struts:
Each strut on the Mig is broken up into multiple segments in order to aid and enhance the kite’s profile.

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