SIZES: 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15

The LF Envy steps “Beyond Delta”, blending the popular benefits of the delta type kites with the proven LF Diamond Wingtips and USB 2.0 Bridle System on an all new 3 strut, lightweight platform. From this technology comes an all around SLE kite with amazing light feel, superior stability, and top notch performance for all types of riding and conditions. Pure Fun for Everyone!!!

  • Delta Hybrid Design
    The Delta Hybrid Design blends the advantages of the delta design with the proven LF SLE design.

    This provides the rider the ultimate easy to use, fun to ride kite with ‘beyond delta’ quality wind range, depower, re-launch, stability, and speed; while maintaining the moderate bar pressure, light feel and precision of LF’s proven SLE’s.

  • 3 Strut - Ultra Light Structure
    The Envy is built on a lightweight 3 strut platform reducing overall weight

    The Envy’s Ultra light structure is 20% lighter than an average SLE kite providing a fun, light feel. No stalling, better drifting, and superior stability while also quicker to inflate and deflate.

  • Diamond Wingtip Design
    The Proven Diamond Wingtip defines the depower and response of LF kites.

    The Diamond Wingtip provides the huge de-power of curved wingtips with the immediate response and turning input of wide square wingtips. The LF Diamond Wingtips also provides smooth, constant pull and power through turns while still de-powering the kite.

  • USB 2.0 Bridle
    The LF USB 2.0 Bridle is a Proven LF cascade SLE bridle system with one static wingtip pulley.

    Often imitated, never duplicated, the USB 2.0 Provides simple and smooth depower, effortless and instant relaunch, and unmatched reliability which means less swimming and more riding!!!

  • Nuke Proof Construction
    LF Nuke Proof Construction consists of super reinforced seam construction. Each segment is glued and double stitched.

2010 Envy Wind Range