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Let me start off by saying, this is not a typical article, set in a typical place, or a typical wave, in a typical environment. Or by any means, was this ridden, by a typical rider.  First the place, the Lachine Rapids in the St-Lawrence River, picture 10,000 cubic meters or 2.6 million gallons per second, of water pouring over a series of shelves, reefs and rocky outcroppings.  Which drops 15m or 45ft in less than a 1km. creating a series of thunderous, awe inspiring chill inducing river rapids, which definitely would be the last place  you’d  want to take a kite.  But Julien Fillion is probably one of only 2 or 3 people in the world with the kite skill and whitewater  experience to handle such a gnarly environment.  (words from Darren Edwards)

Words from rescue team member Corran Addisson

The lachines rapids (and specifically the wave called mavericks) are a unique environment to  surf. It’s big and pushy and dangerous. The converging currents and under water caves makes this place both exciting and dangerous to surf. And I’m just talking about surfing, not kitesurfing.  Add the kite and lines to the mix and you have an extremely exciting and dangerous mix that will could bring high rewards just as quickly as it  could court disaster. Julien is probably the only person I know that has the combined skills as kitesurfer,  white- water kayaker and surfer to be able to pull this off.

It was one of the MOST AMAZING displays of skill, and understanding of the environment, that I’ve seen, AND I HAVE SEEN A LOT!!!

Corran Addison

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