by Little Petter

April 1st, 2010

Juan Ricci goes fishing with a kite

Liquid Force rider Juan Ricci lands……

Juan Ricci puts it all together…his love for kiting and fishing…as he says “it all started last summer when it is really windy and no surf, after days of killing myself doing freestyle, it was time for something different” after some thought…”I love fishing, and more eating it”

So, Juan rigged line and went fishing off Kite Beach.  His equipment of choice: 6’ LF surfboard and a Havoc kite.  Tie a line off and go troll the outer reefs.

You are probably wondering what the best catch has been so far…The Olua takes the prize.  After a 1-hour fight it was on the beach for some sashimi and cold beers!

Juan recommends giving fishing a try with a kite..But be warned, he says that with everything going on with the kite, board, lines, fishing line, you need to have some advanced skill.

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