by Nils Knoop

September 7th, 2010

Jakob Appel and Envy 2011 at Danish Wave Tour in Klitmoeller

LF’s Jakob Appel got 3rd in the Danish Championships in Waveriding at the stop in Klitmoeller, Denmark. Congrats Jakob!

Hi all

Last weekend the first event of the Danish Championships in Waveriding got underway in Klitmøller.

The conditions were not very good, with up to head high mushy surf and inconsistent winds. Unfortunately the conditions ruled out unhooked waveriding which is my favourite style as I had to adjust to the low power and the competitors/judges.

I used the 2010 Envy 10 and 8 and the 2011 Envy 7 – on the Rawson Skate 5´11 with thruster fin setup.

This was the first time for me on the 2011 Envy and it seems even more stable, balanced depower and maybe with a tad more low-end.

I have attached some pics from the competition.

Aloha and smack it :-)
Jakob Appel

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